Our Mission

To empower scientists to make the difference they intend to make

Our Services and expertise:

Scientific and technical writing

Media creation: explainer videos, video tutorials

Training and Education: Live and online training, presentation preparation, educational event planning

Trade show representation

Scientific program management

Terri's promise: To bring impeccable communication & integrity


Working with GilHou Communications will provide the strategic communication your science requires and will enable you to work hands on with Terri Gilbert, Owner and Principal. 







She is particularly outstanding for her abilities to successfully communicate and connect with people from very different backgrounds and levels of education within diverse international and cultural environments. Her experience, commitment, intelligence, openness, flexibility and efficiency under tight deadlines and sometimes restricted resources and services, all highly recommend Terri to any employer.
— Tasia Asakawa, Director, Development and Communications, International Brain Research Organization
Terri is intelligent, works hard and communicates well with others, and helps to facilitate understanding to people at varying levels of competence. She makes the complex, understandable and presents intellectually difficult concepts in a manner that facilitates comprehension.
— Bryan W. Jones, Scientist at the Moran Eye Center
Terri is extremely affable and enthusiastic, and adept at working through or with all available channels to communicate – social media, seminar presentations, creation of written material or YouTube videos. She has that winning combination of being both approachable and knowledgeable when interacting with people spanning a broad range of scientific and educational expertise. Her skills in finding connections and forging collaborations contributed to the growth and success of the Allen Institute, as a pioneer in the field of open science.
— Amy Bernard, Product Architect, Allen Institute for Brain Science